Why Stratos Lifestyles?

The answer to that is simple: Stratos Lifestyles is a small boutique travel agency which is focused on exclusive luxury travel- which means we are focussed on providing quality and not on the volume travel business. Yes, it all means we are in a position to offer you, the discrening traveller the best travel solutions in the business, customised to meet your requirements.

Understandably, stratos Lifestyles, at any given time, works only on 1 or 2 clients at a time all to ensure that:

We tailor-make travel to suit each traveler (we do not have pre-designed packages) and that's a the best part of it all.

We have experienced country specialists as consultants to the team (Kenya, Egypt, India, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Canada, London)

Experience, expertise and enthusiasm are standard personality traits for each member of our team – talented, passionate team with huge experience and expertise in customised travel itineraries, group travel and corporate incentives.  We have the knowledge and the passion to go beyond what is required and go that extra mile to ensure you have nothing short of the best, with every detail looked into.

Customized solutions that we offer – we think out the box and can create that once-in-a-lifetime trip (create unique experiences by going beyond tourist attractions)

We provide a holistic service – we are the one-stop shop which coordinates with all other agents and provides you with a turnkey service that leaves clients with just the concern of what to pack