Stratos Lifestyles focuses on a fresh, young and a never-before way of looking at travel. Stratos Lifestyles was conceptualized and brought into existence to meet the needs of the discerning global traveller. Stratos Lifestyles is an independent and private company headquartered in Bangalore, India.

We work closely with clients to enable them to discover exclusive and exotic travel at its best.  The team is an interesting mix of enthusiastic travelers, passionate about exploring every corner of the globe and who are committed to ensuring that each travel experience exceeds every expectation.  We intentionally do not have pre-designed packages because we believe every traveler is different, every travel dream is unique. 

Stratos Lifestyles’ experts rarely work on more than one client at a time in order to ensure total dedication to meeting that company’s needs.  It’s about more than just putting together an itinerary…it’s about crafting that ultimate, unforgettable travel experience.